is the premier resource to buy shooting targets online.

We carry an impressive selection of steel targets made from AR500 material in a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from. In addition to AR500 targets we carry a selection of body armor, AR500 armor as well as condor plate carriers.

Whether you are looking for reactive targets, rifle targets, steel challenge targets, hostage and IPSC targets or just looking to buy steel shooting target accessories such as square or round AR500 targets, target stands dueling trees, tactical gear and more, we have exactly what you need and at the price you want to pay.

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10" round 3/8  AR500 targets
66% w/hostage head & Chest
Our Price: $150.00
5 paddle dueling tree
Our Price: $335.00
This is the new designed stand to hang heavy sized large targets Or small targets. Very sturdy and breaks down for easy transport. includes 2 AR500 hangers, top corner mounts 10" ROUND 3/8 AR500 TARGET and 5 sections of 24" tube.
Can order extra AR500 hangers from drop down
10 inch round target in 3/8" plate thickness, made from AR500 material 66% target with hostage head and chest 20x12 inches made from AR500 material in 3/8" plate thickness.  Also add on the upper post kit for easy hanging with a 2x4. 5 paddle dueling tree made from AR500 material in 3/8" plate thickness.  Also add on the lower stand with legs for easy setup does not have free shipping ships fedex